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PVDF pipe construction technology features introduced
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PVDF is a pipeline construction or vinylidene fluoride homopolymer of vinylidene fluoride and at least recorded in other fluorine-containing vinyl monomers, PVDF resin having a fluorine resin and a common characteristic.

PVDF pipe in addition to good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, radiation properties, PVDF pipe also has a special performance piezoelectric, dielectric, thermal, etc., is a fluorinated plastics ranked second in the middle of the most major products.

PVDF tube was set as a polymer plastic material which, when heated to 500 íŠ and above, i.e. melt bonding under external force docked integrally molded by cooling after the continuation of the pipe itself has a superior resistance pull off caused by extended properties. PVDF PVDF pipe construction that is based on the excellent performance of the material itself, the principle of the use of the heating welding (thermal bonding) processing into segments, and then connect into the system in order to meet production requirements.

Clean pipeline construction PVDF coating has excellent tensile strength and elongation, bending and rolling thus formed without damaging the coating and protection of the metal substrate, and thus is particularly important in the metal coil coating industry.

Currently, high pure water and ultra pure water delivery pipe material used PVDF pipe tubing, due PVDF pipe has good chemical stability, cleanliness, smoothness, and other properties, so in the microelectronics industry has been widely used, and achieved good social benefits and economic benefits.

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