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Application of PVDF pipe in emulsified oil wastewater treatment
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Emulsified oil wastewater produced in the iron and steel, machinery and other production process, the displacement of small, but very high COD concentration, up to a 37 000 m n 000-year-old L. conventional processing techniques such as chemical coagulation method, treatment of emulsified oil although higher water removal, but sludge production capacity, it is very likely to cause secondary pollution; after wastewater treatment, can not be reused, resulting in a great waste of detergent and water; due emulsion wastewater contains large amounts of oil and organic materials, requires a large amount of coagulant, resulting in higher operating costs.

Ultrafiltration process emulsified oil wastewater treatment, wastewater reuse can be achieved, but also solve the problem of secondary pollution sludge Currently, the domestic use of ultrafiltration or microfiltration membrane emulsified oil wastewater treatment study more, a flat membrane, hollow fiber membrane, a ceramic tubular film coverage areas;

But flat film and hollow fiber membrane flux is low, ceramic tubular membranes are expensive paper uses a relatively low price PVDF tubular membrane research emulsified oil wastewater treatment provided on a technically and economically feasible emulsified oil wastewater treatment methods.

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