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PVDF thin film photovoltaic backplane with basic physical indicators
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Solar back film of the polymer film produced by a combination of three layers, the intermediate layer is a PET film having a thickness of 150-350Ž╠m, the outside two fluorine selection 25Ž╠m film, PET film unflexible, has good temperature resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties. Performance fluoropolymer film layer structural stability, good UV resistance, heat resistance and anti-aging properties.

Solar back film with fluorine plastic quality anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high barrier, low water absorption properties and polyester excellent mechanical properties, can effectively prevent the media in particular, water, oxygen, corrosive gas liquids (such as acid rain) and so on EVA erosion and damage to solar cells, EVA TPT back elasticity and resilience of the film solar modules in combination with strong seismic performance, comprehensive protection effect is obvious.

Film solar battery back breakdown voltage, good adhesion, the three-layer structure composed of the outer layer is bonded by glue between T EVA film, an intermediate layer film P, T and P. Where T represents polyvinyl fluoride film (PVF), about 37um thickness in the layer is used as a primary layer of the solar cell encapsulation materials, its role is weather-resistant, anti-UV ultraviolet, anti-aging, etc. are not sensitive; P said poly ester film BOPET, thickness of 250um, a major role and function of water vapor barrier properties, electrical insulation, dimensional stability, tear resistance, and ease of processing and the like. Back film solar cells for solar module laminating packaging, environmentally friendly, UV-resistant and non-yellowing, etc..

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