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PVDF material having a value of Analysis
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PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride is a material referred to, the appearance of translucent or white powder or granules, tightly packed molecular chains, there are strong hydrogen bonding. PVDF applications mainly in the petrochemical, electrical and electronic and fluorocarbon coating three areas.

PVDF as a high strength, corrosion-resistant material materials typically used to make pipes, etc. used as the PVDF tubes. The PVDF membrane production can be a good combination of protein, and small fragments of the protein can be isolated, it was originally used for the determination of protein sequences, because nitrocellulose membrane Edman degradation reagent will, so as an alternative to seeking a PVDF products, although the efficiency of PVDF membrane-bound proteins no nitrocellulose membrane high, but because of its stability, corrosion resistance make it an ideal protein sequencing products, has been in use ever since.

1, PVDF less hydrophilic.

2, PVDF has excellent resistance to UV rays and high-energy radiation.

3, PVDF has excellent chemical resistance, excellent high temperature oxidation resistance and discoloration.

4, PVDF has excellent abrasion resistance, flexibility, strength and high resistance to impact resistance up strength.

Due to the good chemical stability of the PVDF material having electrical insulating properties, is produced not only products such as PVDF, but also widely used in the semiconductor industry the purity of chemicals storage and transportation, production of a porous membrane of PVDF resin, gels, membranes, etc., in the application of lithium secondary batteries, the current demand for the use of PVDF one of the fastest growing markets.

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