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QUANDA R&D center

In 2013, we have heavily invested toestablish QUANDA high polymer material R&D center, inspection center andtoning center. With advanced inspection and experimental facilities, we cantest mechanical & physical properties, electrical properties, flammability,thermal properties, aging properties, rheological properties etc.. We have notonly assembled a team of technical R&D with more than 20 professors seniorengineers, doctors, engineers, also a team of advisory group with many professors,doctors, experts etc. Keeping an eye on the latest developments of modifiedplastics at home and abroad, QUANDA always strives to improve technologicalupgrading to keep pace of advanced level with same field in the world.

QUANDA high polymer material technicalR&D has established extensive technical cooperation with NationalEngineering Plastic Research and Development Center and several domesticresearch institutions. "Market-oriented, developing new products to themarket for new demand" QUANDA always keep peace with core technology ofmodified high polymer material.

As the market is changing rapidly and the trends ofcustomers is changing quickly, we are faced to new challenges continuously. Thesechallenges are reflected in the interaction with the market and customersí»feedback. To seize opportunities and face challenges, we must have a close relationshipwith customers and strong partners. Founded as the first manufacturer in theindustry, and devoted to product development and customer service innovativesolutions, QUANDA keeps pace with customers closely and provides the bestproduct solution for them according to their requirements of quality, color,design and cost etc. Benefiting from our advanced production developingcapability in this industry and high professional sales & service team,QUANDA has always been the leader of production development and service field. Ifyou have any need or questions, please contact us. We will make the mostserious and the most rapid response to your specific requirements.

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