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2014 China (Shanghai) International Engineering, modified plastics industry exhibition
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2014 Fifth China (Shanghai) International Engineering modified plastics industry exhibition, referred to as: "EMPC 2014", this will be the world's top professional modified plastics exhibition, conference showcasing the works, modified plastics, etc. the latest products and technologies related fields. The total exhibition area of 15,000 square meters developed, is expected to gather more than 600 Chinese and foreign brands of exhibitors, more than 30,000 spectators attended the show.


Organizers: China Engineering Plastics Industry Association, China Light Modified Plastics Processing Technology Application Center, Shanghai Institute of Plastics Engineering Society of China retardant plasticizer German Plastics Center China Association of Construction Industry Technology Development Center Organizer: International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jie Cheng Asia Pacific International Exhibition Group Limited invite: China petroleum and Chemical industry Association China plastic Association professional Committee of China modified plastics engineering CPPIA China engineering Plastics Industry Association professional Committee of China Plastic Association professional Committee of China Association for Plastic masterbatch fluorine plastics processing Committee plastics Processing Institute of Light Industry applications

[Promotion] "EMPC 2014" exhibition has been supported by hundreds of media and video, pictures, text and other full publicity. While the printed 500,000 tickets through the establishment of organizational units sent abroad in the hands of professional buyers database professionals, and the other by the industry associations, societies, associations, organizations official delegation, trade delegation, the expert group to visit the site visit guidance exchanges. And distribute professional exhibitions in the country, inviting exhibitors to visit; intend on television, Xinmin Evening News, Liberation Daily, Shanghai Morning Post, Youth Daily, Global Times and other media to make a comprehensive exhibition of media coverage and held a news release and new product launches will be media coverage of this exhibition.


◆ engineering: general engineering plastics (PA, PA6, PA66, PA12, PC, POM, PBT, PET, PPO, PMMA), etc.; special engineering plastics (PPS, PI, PSF, PEEK, PCTFE, LCP, PTFE, PES, PAI, PAR), etc.; plastic alloy (PPO / PS, PC / ABS, PC / PBT, PC / PET, PA / PP) and the like.

◆ modified plastics: General Plastics engineering modified products (modified ABS, PP, PVC, PC); modified engineering plastics (PPO, PA, POM, PC, PBT (PET), PSU); modified special engineering plastics (PPS, PEEK, PEI, PSF, LCP).

 ◆ auxiliaries (additives) and the material: the reinforcing material (various fiber), flame retardants, antioxidants, anti-fogging agents, antistatic agents, antimicrobial agents, light stabilizers, colorants, coupling agents, filler agents, molding agents, heat stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, toughening agents, flame retardant synergists, alloy compatibilizing agent (compatibilizing agent interface) ultraviolet stabilizers. Plastics and rubber materials, a variety of parent materials and masterbatch powder: If white mother, other masterbatch; functional masterbatch, color masterbatch pumping tablets, pigment dyes, thermoplastic elastomers, engineering plastics.

◆ plastic products and applications: various kinds of engineering plastics and modified plastics molding materials; semi-finished and finished products used in electronics, home appliances, automotive, construction, aviation and aerospace products.

◆ related processing equipment: single and twin-screw extruder; mixing machine, reciprocating mixer; granulator, underwater pelletizer; rotational molding machine; grinder, new molding machines and equipment, blow molding machines and molds, injection molding machines and molds, molding equipment, reaction injection molding equipment.

◆ related auxiliary equipment: drying machine, grinding machine, measuring feeding device, heater, die handling, mold temperature controllers and chillers, sensors, monitoring equipment, screw barrel, recycling equipment and systems, testing equipment and instrumentation, CAD / CAM systems and a variety of modified technology.

Participation Fee

A Type B exhibition booth exhibition overseas enterprises

Standard booth ¥ 15800 元 / 9m2 ¥ 13800 元 / 9m2 USD4000/9m2

Indoor light (36m2 minimum) ¥ 1680 元 / m2 ¥ 1480 元 / m2 USD480/m2

1, standard booth configuration: negotiating table, two chairs, fascia board in English, two spotlights, 220V/5A power socket, booth carpet, wastebasket.

2, empty space costs include: exhibition venues, security services, booth cleaning services.


1. If you choose the corner booth exhibitors are subject to a 20% of the booth fee.

2. Exhibitors are: Fill out the application form-cum-contract stamp and mail or fax to the organizing committee. Mail or fax the contract from the date of the participation fee within five working days, or 50% deposit the full amount by telegraphic transfer to the Organizing Committee.

3. Booth allocation principles: "first come, first pay, first arrangement." Exhibitors in the export fee, enter the bank transfer by fax to the organizing committee for verification, according to the organizing committee of "three first" principle arrange booths. Organizing Committee only after receipt of the fee, before deciding to stand exhibiting companies.

4. Exhibitors participating companies to terminate the contract if the midway, the participation fee paid to the Division I will be treated as liquidated damages.

Seminars and exhibitions [Year]

Plans to launch a range of products organized by the project, modified plastics corporate sponsorship at the 2014 show. Priority sponsorship exhibitor seminars can be obtained, the company will be free to determine the contents of the report, is responsible for providing relevant documents, each sponsoring company can customize the invitation to the number of viewers. Seminar maximum capacity of 120 games.

[Seminar] charges

Foreign: $ 2,000 / field; domestic enterprises: 10,000 yuan / field (time: 60 minutes / field).

Note: The lack of a calculation by a required seminar, please fill out the registration form.

[Advertising] journal layout with exhibitors during the exhibition period for the publicity and to enable users to understand and exhibitors will be able to communicate with the contact, the committee will carefully publish Conference Proceedings. In addition to professional journal to be distributed to visit the site, but also to the industry department, agents, vendors, user units, research institutes, (school) and other units will be dispatched, companies can identify the specific circumstances of Gordon journal layout .

 Journal Cover Back Cover Two black and white color page color pages across page Renminbi (RMB) dollars 280002400016000120006000110003000 USD5000400030002600200025001000 [pre-show advertising]

◆ Invitations: 10000 from India

◆ bag: 5000 from India

◆ Tickets: 10000 from India

◆ Participation / visit tag: 10,000 from India, only two units.

[Show site ad]

◆ exhibition site advertising; Note: The above exhibition site advertised price list available on request.

[Contact EMPC 2014]

About exhibitors, participants, advertising and other matters, please contact:

2014 Fifth China (Shanghai) International Engineering modified plastics industry exhibition organizing committee

Address: No. 588, Building II, Yingkou Road, Shanghai Shang Hai Jiezuo 16H-16G: 200,433

Tel 021 -55233600

Fax 021 -55233900

Contact: Li Na 1391853061513371992557

Email: Http :/ /

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