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Basic situation of fluorine chemical industry is the development of
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Fluorine chemical industry rise in the 1930s, the chemical industry is a fast-growing sub-sectors. Fluorine chemical products for its chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, excellent performance, low friction, insulation, etc., are widely used in industry, chemicals, machinery and other fields. In recent years, with the growth of technological advances and applications needs, fluorine products to new areas begin construction, electronics, energy, environmental protection, information technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry from the traditional penetration, fluorine resins, fluorine rubber, fluorine coating, fluoropolymer demand for fine chemicals, inorganic fluorides and other products is growing rapidly.

Fluorine chemical products mainly include inorganic fluoride, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine (bromine) fluorocarbon and its alternatives, and processed products containing resin, fluorine and fluorine rubber elastomers and processed products, containing fine chemicals. Organic fluorine refers hydrocarbons containing fluorine fluorine chemical products, mainly including fluorinated alkanes, fluorinated polymers and fine chemicals three categories fluoride. Wherein the fluorinated alkane is present in the main application. Fluoropolymers are mainly fluorine resin, fluorine and fluorine rubber coating, the product is in the growth stage, and gradually expand the application fields.

Fluorine fine chemicals mainly include fluorinated intermediates, fluorinated pharmaceuticals, fluoride pesticides, fluorinated surfactant and a variety of fluorine-containing treatment agent, the product features a number of products, widely used in the field, product yield is relatively small , high value-added products, is fluorine chemical industry in high-end applications.

From the characteristics of fluorine chemical industrial chain point of view, from the beginning of fluorite, with increasing depth of processing, value-added products to grow geometrically, the value of the center of gravity in the downstream fluorine chemical industry. For example: the price of fluorite only a few hundred dollars, the price of a few thousand dollars anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, the price is about F22 million, PTFE price amounting million, while the price of fluorine rubber will have ten tens of thousands, the price fluorine fine chemicals can reach one million yuan. The rapid growth of China's fluorine chemical industry, with an annual growth rate of over 15%. However, the current of the fluorine chemical industry, in addition to whole alkyl chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), alkyl chlorofluorocarbons (HCFC), and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is formed of a large-scale production, the other remains in the fluoropolymer production test, trial production stage, the product of the species can be limited, fluorine polymer (except PTFE), fluorine fine chemicals imported. In the whole industry chain, domestic enterprises have a competitive edge in low-end products close to the raw materials. In high added value, the processing depth and technically demanding product areas, basically occupied by foreign companies. In recent years, as foreign enterprises to enter the accelerated to domestic enterprises through the introduction of technology to improve their technology opportunities, those who can seize the opportunity to improve their technical level to achieve product upgrading enterprises have access to a larger development.


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