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Analysis of future prospects wafers basket
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From a technical study prior to the start of this century, at home and abroad in the development of solar cells can be said to be very fast, in China, the solar cell module production at an average annual rate of more than 100% up year after year increments. Solar now has a lot of variety, from the application of the technology level, multi-silicon solar cell applications, and this battery, the status of silicon is very high, it affects the cost of the entire cost of battery production . While reducing the silicon wafer scrap baskets of great significance.

Polysilicon is a relatively mature technology, the use of solar cells has been more than 65% of usage, and the remaining 30% is mainly based on monocrystalline silicon-based, both the technical level is relatively mature, widely, prices have reached stable.

The wafer cleaning basket mainly in two ways, either manually or automatically, there is a certain pressure on the water surface of the silicon wafer cleaning is to remove particles and adhesion to organic fouling can be removed, the pressure on the surface of the silicon wafer has certain requirements.

First, the cleaning effect is better,

Second, the wafer surface is very sensitive and can not have any damage,

Third, long-lasting cleaning power, cleaning and long life, cost planning.

Fourth, convenient operation, the human body, environmentally friendly, meet emissions standards.

As the cleaning industry, we are most concerned about is one of the cleaning process silicon wafers, silicon wafer production process which, over more than 20% of the are related to cleaning, after cleaning and inspection of finished dried and packaged before it can be processed solar cells. Throughout this procedure to clean silicon wafer production process does not account for a long time, but this step is very important, even if the film is only one point is not clean, stains appeared, the entire wafer is equivalent to waste film, will affect the entire efficiency of solar panels, solar manufacturers have been very seriously this efficiency, the efficiency of the cleaning finished piece is actually related to the effectiveness of the final product.

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