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Wafer baskets development in China briefing
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In the development of domestic solar cell can be said to be very fast, it's average growth rate of over 40% worldwide, but in China, the production of solar modules with an average annual growth rate of more than 100% up year after year increments. Beginning in 2007, China has become the largest domestic solar cell producer, but needs more than 95% are driven by demand from abroad.

At present, the domestic production of solar cells increases, but the application and the market has not gained popularity, and this is a very strange phenomenon, because the foreign promotion of solar cells is very large, especially in France, the U.S. and Japan, Italy and the European countries and North America, and their various building regulations on solar energy have certain requirements, the building requirements in the time required to achieve the result of more than 20% of the solar lighting rate.

Solar now has a lot of variety, from the application of the technical level, the silicon-based solar cell applications more, accounting for 98% of total global solar cell, while crystalline silicon solar cells which has accounted for more than 80%. Domestic applications are solar cells polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon composed.

The application of photovoltaic solar wafers basket, baskets polysilicon film characteristics, the cost is relatively low, the conversion efficiency is relatively slightly lower, probably in the range of 15-17%, the average of 16%. Monocrystalline prices higher, probably polysilicon 180-200%.

For wafer cleaning agents baskets requirements, there are four relatively focused requirements:

The first, lasting cleaning power, cleaning and long life, cost planning.

Second, facilitate the operation of the human body, environmentally friendly, meet emissions standards.

Third, the cleaning effect is better, be sure to wash and clean enough, can not have any residual silicon surface, can not have any spots.

Second, on the wafer surface is very sensitive and can not have any damage, such wafers usually requires a certain amount of corrosion, corrosion can not be completely on silicon moderate damage and corrosion are very sophisticated requirements.

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