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What is the PVDF silicon wafer carrier?and which effect does it own?
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Size, mm: 25 pcs capacity / piece: 25, slot spacing: 4.76, slot narrowest distance: 1.52, shape Length: 143.5, shape overall width: 152, shape Overall height: 149 wafer carrier.

PVDF production of solar cells using silicon carrier baskets and accessories product line for loading 125 × 125mm, 156 × 156mm square several specifications of silicon solar cells, can be used for mechanical and manual cleaning and with a guard bar.

The wafer basket of the series of products with strong rigidity and strength, and the precise dimensions, at less than 150 ℃ acidic, alkaline cleaning solution used for a long time will not be deformed, and the non-polluting cleaning liquid, the wafer is not loaded scratched silicon, silicon solar cells to meet the requirements of the production process.

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