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The outstanding quality characteristic of Quanda PVDF tube
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PVDF tube product has good chemical stability, chemical resistance and heat stability. In -62 - +150 long-term use temperature range, a solvent and a strong ability in addition to all salts, acids, bases, aromatics, halogen, and other media.

PVDF pipe: a flame retardant, resistant to fatigue Sue difficult to break, wear-resistant, self-lubricating properties, good insulation. High mechanical strength: Compared with PTFE: 2 times the tensile strength, compressive strength 6 times, its performance is much better than other plastic pipe.

Used in chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, sewage treatment, metallurgy sheet steel pickling, metallurgical industry in areas such as recycling waste acid corrosive media delivery.

Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene PVDF pipe excellent quality features:

1, high stiffness ----- PVDF pipe due to the addition of glass fiber reinforced material so easily deformed PVDF pipe

2, excellent wear resistance ----- in the transportation of ore slurry, PVDF pipe is more than four times the wear resistance of steel.

3, long life ----- at rated temperature and pressure conditions, PVDF pipe can be used safely for more than 50 years.

4, good performance ----- PVDF pipe lightweight construction, welding process is simple, convenient construction, engineering, and lower total cost.

5, reliable connectivity ----- PVDF pipe strength hot melt interface higher than the pipe body joints will not load due to soil movement or action disconnected.

About 6 heat pipe thermal insulation ----- PVDF maximum temperature of 95 degrees, the thermal conductivity of the product pipe is only 1/200, so there is a good insulation properties.

7, excellent corrosion resistance ----- PVDF pipe corrosion resistance to most chemicals, can withstand PH range 1-14 high concentrations of acid and alkali corrosion in a wide range.

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