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Shenzhen Quanda Plastic Co., Ltd.( QUANDA PLASTIC) Fluoroeplastic Department specializes in development, production and selling for all kinds of special industrial materials, engineeringplastics (including all kinds Fluoroeplastic materials), high molecular materials, advanced composite materials, environmental protection and energy saving materials. QUANDA PLASTIC devotes to providing comprehensive engineering plastic solutions for industrial enterprises. QUANDA PLASTIC has been identified as new high-tech enterprise and joined China plastic association to be one of fluorine plastics processing board. QUANDA PLASTIC has ISO9001:2000 Certificate of Quality System with fully equipped processing and detecting techniques.

QUANDA PLASTIC-Fluorine Plastic Division has well-known brands such as saferlon® etc., which devotes to long term researching and developing of environmental protection and other functional products. The company passed over dozens of related international standard testing such as REACH, ROHS etc. Independent research and development products like high molecular materials, fluorine materials are widely applied in electronic and electrical, semiconductor, communication equipment, household appliances, machinery manufacturing equipment, medical chemical, machining and stamping, automobile manufacturing etc. industrials. Products are marketing more than 20 countries and regions like Europe, America, middle Asia etc.

As the concept of serving customers with advanced technology, we provide customers with one-stop service in fluoroplastic industry applications. The whole process includes pre-selection design before selling, integrated processing program while selling, and after-sales tracking effect of product applications. We own dozens of professional technicians with more than10 years experience in the field of plastics, metal, mold and machining. We can also be closely integrated with hardware processing to customize all kinds ofprecision plastic parts for our customers.

¡°Serve up to what you want¡± is the QUANDA¡¯s concept, which has been kept in mind of all members to totally indicate QUANDA brand. QUANDA strives to comply with customers¡¯ willing, provide all products based on the strictest technical manual. Only the best material can be applied in manufacturing. What¡¯s more, QUANDA is fully willing to assist you to provide professional advice and innovated & appropriate system solutions for your application.


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