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saferlon® PVDF Film Color - transparent, white or other colors 1 Introduction saferlon ®

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saferlon® PVDF Film

Color - transparent, white or other colors

1 Introduction

saferlon ® PVDF rod, high temperature of the PVDF resin is extruded into a rod, is a very pure polymers which contain UV stabilizers, heat stabilizers, emollients, lubricants, or flame retardants and other additives. PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride has excellent chemical resistance, aging resistance, workability, resistance to fatigue and creep resistance compared with PTFE, PVDF has a higher bearing capacity and rigidity, but the smoothness and less electrical insulation. PVDF can be used continuously over a temperature range of -60 ℃ -150 ℃.

2 Features

1 surface is smooth and delicate, no stripes, orange peel, Wei Zhou, pinholes defects, easy to stain, almost maintenance-free under normal circumstances

2 anti-microbial, without any support microbial or fungal growth environment, does not allow complete penetration of bacteria

3 good toughness, no cracks

4 has better wear resistance compared to PVDF coating, longer life

5 good weather resistance, self-cleaning ability

6 good thermal stability, white reflective film itself most of the sunshine heat, so they can effectively block heat into

7 with a high impact strength (shock sensor can be used)

8 good corrosion resistance

9. PVDF is a very stable material that does not decompose and release of hazardous substances in the production process, their production processes and products on the environment, humans

3. Uses

♦ PV industry: solar battery back film.

♦ interior areas: cars, trains, aircraft and other interior decoration.

♦ Electrical Insulation: electronics, electrical appliances and other fields can completely replace the PC, PET, PP and other traditional insulation materials used in the field

♦ intelligence: a variety of sensors

♦ advertising: If balloons

♦ car: Fuel pipe protection materials

♦ Building insulation: the outermost layer of exterior wall insulation

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