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  PVDF Rod

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saferlon® PVDF Rod NAME:PVDF, Polyvinylidene FluorideCOLOR: Character (slightly transparent whi

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Product Information

saferlon® PVDF Rod

NAME:PVDF, Polyvinylidene Fluoride

COLOR: Character (slightly transparent white)

1 Introduction

saferlon ® PVDF rod, high temperature of the PVDF resin is extruded into a rod, is a very pure polymers which contain UV stabilizers, heat stabilizers, emollients, lubricants, or flame retardants and other additives. PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride has excellent chemical resistance, aging resistance, workability, resistance to fatigue and creep resistance compared with PTFE, PVDF has a higher bearing capacity and rigidity, but the smoothness and less electrical insulation. PVDF can be used continuously over a temperature range of -60 ℃ -150 ℃.

2 Features

♦ high stiffness and high strength

♦ toughness, wear resistance, excellent creep resistance

♦ good chemical stability, good corrosion resistance

♦ aging resistance, UV resistance

♦ good mechanical properties, easy welding, thermoforming and other machining

♦ insulation resistance, high dielectric strength, but low flammability

♦ oxide, bromide and energy rays such as β and γ rays can be stable

♦ easy welding, thermoforming and other machining

3. Uses

♦ the best materials of petrochemical equipment fluid handling system as a whole or lined pumps, valves, pipes, tanks, pickling tanks and heat exchangers

♦ meet flame retardant and anti-corrosion, high purity chemicals are widely used in the semiconductor industry to store and transport means

♦ LCD electronics industry and other related devices, the fields of chemistry equipment, food processing machinery, etc.

♦ metal reactor, metal anti-corrosion chemical containers lined

♦ environmental protection industry, glass-lined steel reactor for enamel reactor crack plastic liner for pipe anti-corrosion lining

♦ Other pump parts, rotary disc valves, flow stop valves, extraction centrifuge, cog, pipe connections, rails, etc.

4 Specification

PVDF rod specifications

φ20*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ25*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ30*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ35*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ40*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ50*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ55*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ60*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ65*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ70*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ80*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ90*L1000/2000,L Customizable

φ100*L1000,L Customizable

φ120*L1000,L Customizable

φ150*L1000,L Customizable

φ180*L1000,L Customizable

φ200*L1000,L Customizable

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