PTFE Turning plates, film, tape

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saferlon® PTFE Turning plates, film, tape NAME:   PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)COLOR: Wh

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saferlon® PTFE Turning plates, film, tape

NAME:   PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)

COLOR: White, black

1 Introduction

Race Freon ®, saferlon ® PTFE plate, turning Teflon tape was molded by the rough turning system. The film is not directed film, the film is not directed by the pressure developed into a film directed and semi-directed.

Fluorine plastic, PTFE is widely used, is the number of fluorine plastic family the largest and most important species. Teflon demonstrated a remarkable chemical resistance, essentially resistant to most chemicals. With good self-lubricating properties, is an ideal material for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant gaskets and seals.

2 Features

♦ superior corrosion resistance, from some fluoride and alkaline liquid metal in addition to

♦ flame retardant properties, limiting oxygen index of less than 90

♦ low coefficient of friction

♦ not sticky, self-lubricating properties

♦ high temperature and low temperature, temperature range of -200 ~ 260 ℃

♦ excellent electrical insulation properties

♦ resistance to weathering performance

♦ low permeability, good gas barrier properties

♦ good physiological compatibility and antithrombotic

3 Uses

l corrosion aspects, for the manufacture of a variety of chemical containers and parts, such as all the tanks, reactors, equipment lining, valves, pumps, fittings, filter materials, separation materials, pipes and other corrosive fluids and corrosive media contact products.

l wear resistance, the movement for the manufacture of sealing rings, piston rings, gaskets, valve seats, bearings, bearings, sliders and rails, various media work seals and lubrication materials.

l respect insulating materials used in the manufacture of high temperature resistance, high-frequency electric insulation and arc-resistant articles such as high-frequency cable, the cable resistance to moisture, a capacitor coil, the capacitor dielectric, conductor insulation jacket, at various frequencies and the use of electrical insulation and other instruments

l medical materials, such as artificial blood vessels, artificial hearts, artificial esophagus, artificial intraperitoneal, artificial heart-lung machine, all the catheter tube and the cannula.

l non-stick materials for a variety of products such as non-stick coating, food processing machines, such as anti-sticking roll.

5.1.1 PTFE cutting boards, with the main technical indicators




The proportion of strength



Tensile strength ≥



Elongation ≥



Withstanding Voltage ≥



5.1.2 Teflon cutting boards with specifications

T0.05-T0.1*W300 Coil

T0.2-T0.4*W300/W1000 Coil

T0.5-T4,300/1000/1500/2000mm Coil

T0.2-T0.3*W300 Coil

T0.4-T3*W300 Coil

T0.2-T0.3*W300mm Within coil

T0.4-T3*W300 Within coil

T0.2-T0.4*W300mm Within coil

T0.5-T3*W300mm Within coil

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