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Status of fluorine plastic cable good and bad need of improvement
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Currently, the number of cable companies is the world's largest country, covering all kinds of basic products wire and cable, but most of our company's products are concentrated in low-voltage power cables, wire cloth, power lines and other common products.

    Currently, only a few of the available physical foaming production of fluorine plastic insulated cables, and products of varying quality, including the reasons for the equipment, there are also reasons for cables with fluorine plastic material development, but there is a reason not overlook the fact that China's current extensive use of fluorine plastic cable no uniform national standards, most companies own way, even if the national wire and cable supervision and Inspection Center has issued the corresponding technical specifications, the majority of the production of fluorine plastic cable structure size, use of materials, voltage levels, temperature range of applications , the use of premises, etc. are not uniform, these issues make domestic fluorine plastic cable market showing a "flourishing" in poor condition, to the user's selection, use and maintenance have brought confusion and safety hazards. If the relevant state departments in the country has a fluorine plastic cable standard (TICW2, TICW3, etc.) as the base, combined with UL, VDE, EN and other international standards and domestic fluorine plastic cable actual situation, the development of uniform national standards, I believe will improve domestic fluorine plastic cable products varies greatly, "Zhangsanlisi" the status quo. In recent years, enterprises, research institutes, administrative agencies and other departments wire and cable industry are actively promoting the development of high-end products, China's fluorine plastic insulated cables should be fully developed superior performance insulation materials, the development of national standards, uniform operating standards, promote the industry enhance the efficiency of product quality.

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