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Five Advantages of Teflon rods
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PTFE Rod is a suitable processing of various gaskets, seals and lubrication materials in corrosive media work and electrical insulation parts at various frequencies, such as the use of non-plus filled PTFE resin (may contain PTFE resin regeneration) by molding, extrusion or paste extrusion molding plunger rod, then in use Teflon rods What are the advantages of it?

1, does not adhere to: do not adhere to any substance;

2, which greatly improve the life of the long-term use of more economical than glass products;

3, resistant to temperature extremes: long-term work at a temperature of -180 íŠ to +260 íŠ;

4, no poison: a physiologically inert, implantable in the human body, harmless to human body;

5, corrosion resistance: resistant to acid, alkali, aqua regia and various organic solvents; except molten metal and liquid sodium fluoride, the ability of all other chemicals, boiling water is not from the king changes

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