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Imported Teflon rods - the supply of imported Teflon stick Teflon rods, imports of Teflon rods (Polytetrafluoroethene, commonly referred to as "non-stick coating" or "easy clean wok material"; using a fluorine-substituted poly all of the hydrogen atoms of the ethylene polymer of synthetic materials such material with acid and alkali, organic solvent against various characteristics, almost insoluble in all solvents. while PTFE has high temperature characteristics, it low coefficient of friction, so you can make more than the role of lubrication, has become the ideal wok easy to clean and paint the inner pipe.

Features: a very wide temperature range (from -200 degrees Celsius to +260 degrees).

Basically all chemical substances with the exception of some anti-corrosive metal fluorides and alkaline solution.

Excellent mechanical properties, including anti-aging, especially for bending and swinging applications.

Excellent flame resistance (meets ASTM-D635 and D470 test procedures in the air to be regulated as a fire-retardant material.

Excellent insulating properties (regardless of frequency and temperature)

Low water absorption, and has a unique set of performance self-lubricating and non-viscous.

Application: seal / gasket, rings, wear plate / seat electrically insulating parts, corrosion industry, machinery parts, lining, oil and gas, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, equipment manufacturers, etc..

Specifications: Special sizes can be customized

Plastic rods Wang

Plate: thickness * width = 0.3 ~ 1.5mmx300mm;

Thickness * Width = 2 ~ 60mmx600mmx600mm;

Bar: Diameter: 6 ~ 200mm.x200mm/1000mm

Color: White


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